B.C.'s Homeowner Grant

The Province administrates the Home Owner Grant and Retro Grant programs. The property owner must claim their homeowner grant, if eligible, on the Provincial website by the due date. Program eligibility is unchanged. Home owner grants not claimed by the due date will incur a 10% penalty. Learn more at gov.bc.ca/homeownergrant or phone 1-888-355-2700 to speak with a live agent.

To be eligible for the grant you must reside in the home and it must be your principal residence. For more information on the home owner grant program, visit the Ministry of Finance website.

If you missed claiming your grant for last year, you can apply for it retroactively, on the Provincial website - Retroactive Home Owner Grant Application.

To claim your Home Owner Grant and/or Retro Grant online you will need the JURISDICTION NO, 539, and your roll number which is located on the top left of your property tax notice. The number format on your tax notice is as required by the Province to claim your grant online. The Province will also require your Social Insurance Number and your birthdate to claim the additional grant if you are turning 65 this year or if are already 65.

The online services code on the top left of your property tax notice can be used to view your property tax notices. Do not use this code to make online payments, it is not your account number. Use your roll number as shown above the bar code on your property tax notice. If your financial institution requires more digits please add one or two zeros to the front of your roll number.

Apply online

The homeowner grant must be claimed online. All residential property owners can now claim their current grant and retro grant (prior year) with the Province. B.C. municipalities can no longer accept applications.

You can apply online by clicking here or by calling 1-888-355-2700, Monday to Friday 8.30 am to 5 pm.

  • It is quick, easy and secure to claim your grant online.